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Achieve-IT! Goal Setter 1.2 for MIPS 1.2

Achieve-IT! Goal Setter 1.2 for MIPS 1.2

Achieve-IT! Goal Setter 1.2 for MIPS Publisher's Description

What is Your Heart?s Desire?

Are you getting all you want out of life? May be you would like more money, to enjoy better relationships, or to purchase a new house, car or boat. If so, read on.

Perhaps you do want more out of life, but you aren?t sure where to begin. If you are new to goal setting, or are still setting goals on paper, there is now something that can help. Now you can realize your goals utilizing skills and procedures based on 15 years of goal setting research.

Achieve-IT! Is a new goal-setting program for Pocket PC that takes you step by step through goal setting right in the palm of your hand! It explains the ins and outs of brainstorming, goal refinement and planning that put you on the fast track to achieving your BIGGEST desires in the SHORTEST period of time.

Even though Achieve-IT! has only been out for a few short weeks, the initial feedback has been fantastic! Here's just a sampling of the comments:

PDACorps review: "Overall, AchieveIT! is quite a unique program. I'm not aware of any other PPC program designed for this purpose, and I'm sure there isn't one that's as user friendly and attractive as this one."

BargainPDA review  "Bottom line:  This program is a lot of fun and makes setting goals an easy process, I'd buy one for a friend."

KRUMM & ASSOCIATES  "How our firm evaluates any investment (including software) is on 'cost vs benefit' or 'return on investment'. This software is ranked as outstanding. The ROI on this investment (includes cost, learning curve and setup) is less then one week. How many things can you review, purchase and implement, then get your money back out in less then a week??"

Goal Setting with Achieve-IT! is Fun and Motivational

Sit back, have a cup of coffee and get ready to feel the exhilaration of your new potential! Achieve-IT! will help you set your goals, and place them into an easy, workable format. You can explore each goal from the benefits of achieving it, to the potential pitfalls that may impede your progress. You can even reword them into concise wording for positive self-talk and visualization.

Relax with Built-in Sounds!

Achieve-IT! Contains relaxing sounds such as ocean waves, light rainfall, jungle sounds and fireplace. You can use these sounds to relax while you are goal setting or while visualizing the achievement of your goals. Note to travelers: You can use these sounds as background ?white noise? to drown out sounds in a noisy hotel so you can sleep!

Maintain Your Privacy with Password Protection!

We realize your goals are personal and should be kept private. That?s why Achieve-IT! allows you to password protect your goal database utilizing any password you prefer. Anything from a quick 4 number code to a 13 multi-character password can be assigned.

Export to Outlook Calendar and Task List!

To ensure your success at goal setting, you need deadlines and daily reminders of your goals and mini-goals. As such, Achieve-IT! gives you the power to copy your goals and steps to your Outlook calendar and task list. From there, you can use your Outlook preferences to set reminders, synch with your desktop and to make your goals an integrated part of your life!

Achieve-IT! Give You The Power to Succeed!

Anyone who has been dramatically successful with their goals and achievement knows the power of the quote ?Keep your goals with you and review them daily.? If you are using a piece of paper to set your goals, you know how easy they can get lost, left behind, or forgotten in a pants pocket and run through the washing machine. Achieve-IT! gives you the benefit of not only keeping your goals with you at all times, but the benefit of setting, changing and refining them at any time too!

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